February 2015


Anonymous asks: I'm 16, ive been dating this man for nearly 7 months and we're sexually active. SERIOUSLY! - Heather Corinna responses! Okie dokie. It's not ordinary to have bleeding using any kind of anal sex if you're doing it right. Which means using a CONDOM, even when you're on birth control, and even when you've BOTH had TWO complete and unwanted STI screenings, and 6 months of monogamous sex with condoms, and having all that set up with both partners in 16 is fairly unusual, and with all LOT of latex safe lubricant and being VERY slow with anal play.

At any time you add blood into the image, health threats are also severely improved. Thus, if a few of the seepage was due to his semen, since you'd it unprotected, please think again if you're going to continue with anal sex and do it securely, with a condom, every time. Having some feces matter, and on the other hand, is fairly normal. Fecal matter passes through the rectum and anus, so occasionally there will be trace amounts of it lining the surfaces of the rectum, which may appear during or following anal sex. You know, I'm perplexed, too, but I really could clear up my confusion in two seconds by asking your boy what he means when he's stating that.

Alas, I cannot do that, but surely you can, with a simple, I do not get what you mean by that, what do you mean forcing it? I am gambling he just means he is going to make an attempt to reach orgasm rapidly, just like he really could also try and hold back to lengthen the time it can take him to reach orgasm. There is no big deal with either, it is really just about letting yourself go there mentally and not attempting to hold back. There is no reason we should not be capable to ask spouses what they mean when we are speaking about sex: having the ability to communicate openly and be sure we are on the same page is very important. But I am also wanting to make sure, too, the whenever you say you have got no time at all, you are not feeling like you are obligated into get your partner off, regardless, since you are not.